• Baby Birds and Roma Prams go to Shanghai!

Baby Birds and Roma Prams go to Shanghai!

Hi, it’s Em again – Baby Birds & Roma Prams Director.

As mentioned in my previous post my role at Baby Birds is not only the retail side but also designing new products for Roma – the sister company.

The last 10 days I have been travelling with my daughter Molly in China – I’m writing this at Shanghai airport on my way home!

Molly has grown up in the Nursery Industry & is our warehouse manager so her input has been a great asset. We’ve had a very productive trip – we’ve designed 2 new prams – a twin dolls pram & a new travel system.

The Darcie dolls pram range is named after my cousin’s little girl. She is 18 months old, cute, funny and adorable (yes I’m biased). We often name designs after people we know and love. For example, the Black Betty range is named after our family dog - our beloved Giant Schnauzer. As we expanded the business, Betty came to work with me at the warehouse. She was affectionately named the MD because we all ran around after her!

The Wynnie dolls pram is named after a family friend who we loved very much.

Roma is my Mother’s name – I’ve always loved her name and she’s delighted to have such a successful company named after her. My Mother is one in a million and I adore her.

So back to the 2 new products – Firstly the Darcie Twin Dolls Pram.

We are always being asked for prams for older children. Not everyone can afford a Silver Cross and the Heritage range is one of the few prams with a handle height of 77cm and suitable from age 3 years to teenage. Our new Darcie Twin dolls pram is 88cm – the highest handle I could find on a dolls pram, the lowest setting being 55cm, so still suitable from age 3. I am 5ft 7 and I can push the Darcie Twin without stooping - it's perfect for any age. I tried to get in the mind of a little girl… they love flowers, pink and also something to actually play with. So I’ve designed a double dolls pram with 2 carry cots that both face 2 ways and turn into seat units. So much to play with! The floral print was taken from a picture that I painted for my Grandfather many years ago when I was 18. I’ve designed the dolls pram to come in pink and also cream. I really hope it gets a good reaction as my heart and soul has gone into the design. Please register your views on our Facebook or any social platform – good or bad, I would love to hear from you.

I like the look of a chrome chassis – I wanted it to look expensive, so I designed a luxury dolls pram at an affordable price. Details will follow on both Baby Birds and Roma Prams web site as well as our carefully selected stores around the UK.

We are taking orders for Christmas delivery now – every year orders for Christmas get earlier. We started selling dolls prams for Christmas 2017 on Boxing Day last year. We always sell out at Christmas so please don’t leave ordering to the last minute.

Our second design is a brand new Travel System – The Roma Moda.

Following the huge success of the Amy Childs Collection Vita in pink, we have brought out a slightly larger model with natural spring suspension.

The Moda has the same features as the Vita – a package price including car seat and many accessories. Our thoughts behind this pram are to keep a travel system priced at £500 without cutting back on any features.

Why are the Roma Bambino, Roma Caramello, Venicci, Mee-go Milano, BabyStyle Prestige all our best selling pram packages? … Because it’s all you need in one price. No hidden extras. Easy to budget for, all items coordinating, good quality travel system at an affordable price. However we are attempting to introduce new colours that no one else has to offer. Molly & I have firstly designed pink and cream, something different! The cream is a soft quilted padded fabric – not leatherette. New colours are to be revealed including a Special Edition Rose Gold – it’s stunning! Keep looking on our Baby Birds and Roma Facebook pages to be the first to see the new collection.

I very much hope you like our new designs. Please feel free to come back to us with any feedback – I’d love to hear it!


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