Earth Day and Baby Birds

What is Earth Day?

Earth day is an annual event celebrated by millions of people around the world each year. Its dedicated to raising awareness and inspiring action to tackle the various environmental challenges facing our planet. This event is also a chance to celebrate those who have done a lot to help the environment.

The beginning of Baby Birds’ sustainable journey

In February 2021, Baby Birds turned 28 years old. Like many of you, we had a thought provoking year, watching the world change before us during the pandemic. Our youngest Baby Bird  turned 1, and we want to build a brighter future for her and all your little ones. That’s why we have partnered with ecologi to grow our very own company forest. We offset all the carbon emissions from our team’s personal and professional lives by planting groves of trees. Our forest grows every month, and is visible on the link below. We recently celebrated our 30th Birthday and achieved our goal of planting 3000 trees by this milestone. An achievement we are hugely proud of and we cannot wait to see how many trees we can plant in the future with the help of Ecologi. You can view our company forest here.

Sustainability hampers

For every £1000 spent on our website, we give away one of our specially made Sustainability Hampers! Each product in this beautiful hamper is carefully chosen due to its eco-friendly or sustainable nature. Wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and packaged in a recycled brown box, the Sustainability Hamper aims to lower carbon emissions by being eco-conscious in its design.

How are Baby Birds sustainable?

At Baby Birds we try to be as sustainable as possible. We’re constantly making changes to the way we operate. Our office recently became paperless, with all our files moving online. Our team work from whiteboards and limit the use of paper. Baby Birds have a commitment to reducing waste wherever possible. All of our packaging is reused and recycled. We combine postage by sending goods together, and packaging all into one box to reduce wasted space.

100% organic bamboo toilet roll

One change we have made is using 100% organic bamboo toilet roll by Naked Sprout. It’s the eco-friendly alternative to ordinary toilet roll, and has no bleach, plastic or chemicals. Toilet roll made from virgin wood pulp threatens deforestation around the world. Naked Sprout is made from bamboo, the fastest growing plant in the world. Carbon emissions from producing the Naked Rolls are 65% lower than regular toilet roll, reinforcing our commitment to lowering our carbon footprint in our everyday lives.

Every Naked Sprout box also provides a child in Kenya with safe water at school for 1 year through their charity partner ‘Just a Drop’.


For over two years Baby Birds has been working with Ecologi, a climate conscious company who help fund simple and lasting climate projects around the world. From Capturing waste biogas for energy in Turkey to Protection of the Matavén forest in eastern Colombia they fund so many different projects, all funded by business and individuals like us.

As well as planting over 3000 trees in our company forest around the world, we are so proud to say we have Baby Birds has supported the prevention of 145.95 tCO2e from being emitted through 33 verified carbon avoidance projects.

While the biggest impact you can make is to reduce your own emissions, carbon avoidance projects all provide complementary climate solutions to prevent greenhouse gas emissions, restore nature, and support local communities. Supporting these projects allows you to compensate for your remaining, unavoidable emissions.

What can I do?

We encourage anyone and everyone to become more eco conscious. You can do this by making greener choices such as walking, sharing cars, recycling and using less electricity. You can also join the ecologi team and start your own forest by clicking here. Use our refferel code and help plant trees in our company forest too!

Happy Earth Day.