Discover the new revolutionary car seat concept, where safety, comfort, and user-friendliness reach new heights! BeSafe mission is to maximize children’s safety in cars. But we also know parents like you seek a seat that’s convenient for daily use and ensures utmost comfort for your child. That’s why they’ve crafted a car seat system that delivers on all fronts, without compromises. Introducing the BeSafe Beyond Car Seat System. Two seats, one base, suitable from birth up to 6 years.

An advanced car seat system engineered to prioritize your child’s safety from infancy to six years old. This system exceeds current standards with its innovative rotation mechanism and unique adjustments. Seamlessly transition your child from rear-facing to forward-facing positions while ensuring a snug fit with easy installation, providing peace of mind and optimal protection throughout their developmental journey.

BeSafe Go Beyond Car Seat – Birth to 18 months

BeSafe Go Beyond is the latest infant seat designed for safety, flexibility and comfort.

Safety is of course, a top priority when it comes to car seats which is why the new BeSafe Active Lay Flat™ feature sets a new standard in the market. This innovative technology ensures that your baby can sleep safely in a lay-flat position while traveling, automatically adjusting to an upright position in the event of an accident. It’s a feature unique to the BeSafe Go Beyond travel system, providing unparalleled peace of mind for parents.

But safety isn’t the only consideration. Convenience and ease of use is an important factor, which is why this seat includes a carry handle that can be operated with just one hand. Not only does this make it effortless to transport your baby in and out of the car, but it also serves as an added safety measure during a collision, protecting your little one from hitting the car interior.

As your baby grows, so does the seat. With ample space to accommodate your little one up to approximately 18 months (87 cm), the BeSafe Go Beyond car seat is designed to adapt to their changing needs. You can easily adjust the seat by removing extra cushions and raising the headrest, ensuring a comfortable fit as your child grows.

BeSafe have also integrated a rotation feature into this system. This allows the seat to rotate from side to side when placed on the ISOfix base. This not only provides easy access from the car door when placing your baby in the seat but also protects your back and makes it comfortable for your little one to get buckled up.

Besafe Beyond Car Seat – 6 months to Six Years

BeSafe Beyond, the innovative car seat system designed to prioritize your child’s safety and comfort from infancy to approximately 6 years old (125 cm/22 kg). With its revolutionary features and state-of-the-art safety measures, BeSafe Beyond sets a new standard in child car seat technology.

One of the standout features of BeSafe Beyond is its unique rotation base, allowing for easy access and hassle-free installation. With just one hand, you can rotate and recline the seat, ensuring convenience for busy parents. Plus, with the ability to extend leg space by up to 16 cm, your child will have ample room to grow and move comfortably within the seat.

Safety is paramount, which is why BeSafe Beyond exceeds industry standards. It has passed the world’s toughest crash test, the Plus Test, ensuring maximum protection for your little one. The seat offers additional side impact protection and features a protective headrest with Dynamic Force Absorber™ technology, absorbing forces in the event of a collision.

Comfort is also a key consideration with BeSafe Beyond. The seat shell is designed to provide ample space for your child to move while secured, and adjustable recline positions offer extra comfort during long journeys. With 11-step adjustable headrest positions, the seat grows with your child, accommodating them up to 125 cm.

BeSafe Beyond is not only designed for safety and comfort but also for everyday flexibility. It’s super quick and easy to install with ISOfix, and its modular design makes it convenient to move between cars. The side-to-side rotation feature further enhances ease of use, while harness magnets simplify getting your child in and out of the car.

go beyond
BeSafe Go Beyond Car Seat - Birth to 18 months
BeSafe Go Beyond is the latest infant seat designed for safety, flexibility and comfort. Experience a unique safe sleep function that allows your baby to lie flat during car rides. With easy installation options - ISOfix or car belt - and innovative features like hands-free operations and a peekaboo sun canopy. The 5-point harness adds extra safety for real-life situations, complemented by the convenient rotation functionality for easy access to your baby.
beyond 360 car seat
Besafe Beyond Car Seat - 6 months to Six Years
BeSafe Beyond 360 is our latest toddler seat offering extended usage time with the convenience of a full 360-degree rotation. It's the first rotation-based car seat approved for use up to 125 cm and 22 kg - approx 6 years, providing unparalleled flexibility and safety with a smart blocking mechanism for safe extended rear facing use. Upgrade BeSafe Beyond 360 for a new level of convenience and peace of mind.

But BeSafe Beyond goes beyond just functionality—it’s also designed with sustainability in mind. Its durable materials and repair-friendly construction ensure a lifetime of use, with all Beyond concept products lasting up to 15 years. By utilizing the same base for both the baby car seat and the toddler seat, BeSafe reduces material waste, making it an environmentally friendly choice for families.

With its combination of safety, comfort, flexibility, and sustainability, The BeSafe Beyond Car Seat System is the ultimate choice for parents seeking the best for their child’s journey on the road. From birth to six. years you will have peace of mind in terms of safety and convenience.

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