We are thrilled to be back with more updates about Emma! The young Ugandan Boy whom Baby Birds sponsors.

Emma’s background:

Namugera Emma is the oldest amongst the 4 children. His siblings, Esther and Jonah are twins both aged 4 years. Maria is almost turning 6 years.
After the birth of the twins Esther and Jonah at 2 years their father passed on living Nikitto Immy the mother with the responsibility to take care of the children. As a single parent who works on the plantations, she can’t afford to support her son through school on her own. This is where Baby Birds is helping support Emma, by paying for his school fees, sending clothes, helping fund school meals, ensuring he gets an education and supporting him to have as bright a future as possible.

This sponsorship is  making a tangible difference in Emma’s life, not only by ensuring he has the essentials for school but also by instilling hope and opportunity. Emma is now able to attend school comfortably and with pride, ready to learn and grow. We recently donated some money to Emma as he is growing so quickly and needed some new school uniform! Emma is now progressing so quickly in school, and we are enjoying seeing Emma grow with every update we get from the Me and You Child Aid Project.

Our previous efforts:

Baby Birds have previously helped buy two goats for Emma and his family. The goats are important for the community in Uganda, and we are so happy this will make a huge difference for Emma and his family. They can be used for their milk, and any babies in the future can be sold to provide income for the family. They also provide meat, a delicacy in Africa. Goat meat is the backbone of many African dishes. They contribute towards the nutritional status of the household and are a great source of income. They therefore play an important role in poverty alleviation in individual households. Receiving a goat in Uganda is much more of a big deal than you or myself would think.

Latest efforts:

We continue to support Emma and his family, and are so thrilled to see him growing and thriving with school. We recently sent some money across so he can purchase some new school uniform, which you can see from the pictures. We think he’s looking very smart! We have also sent some plates, cutlery, school supplies and money for food to the orphanage, so emma and his friends at the orphanage can benefit from just some of the items that we take for granted in the modern world. We are enjoying seeing Emma grow with every update we get from the Me and You Child Aid Project.

We believe that every child deserves the chance to reach their full potential, and this contribution is helping to make that a reality for Emma. This ongoing support is the key to unlocking countless opportunities for him and many others like him.

What you can do:

If you want to read more about Emma and his family, you can read all about him in our first blog post “Meet Emma – Sponsoring a Ugandan child

If you want to find out more, you can always help directly by visiting me and you child aid directly: