In February 2021, Baby Birds turned 28 years old. Like many of you, we had a thought provoking year, watching the world change before us during the pandemic. Our youngest Baby Bird  turned 1, and we want to build a brighter future for her and all your little ones. That’s why we have partnered with ecologi to grow our very own company forest. We offset all the carbon emissions from our team’s personal and professional lives by planting groves of trees. Our forest grows every month, and is visible on the link below. We will plant 3,000 trees by our 30th birthday. We have big plans in order to reach this goal, and look forward to sharing them with you.

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi


For every £1500 spent on our website, we give away one of our specially made Sustainability Hampers! Each product in this beautiful hamper is carefully chosen due to its eco-friendly or sustainable nature. Wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and packaged in a recycled brown box, the Sustainability Hamper aims to lower carbon emissions by being eco-conscious in its design.

At BBHQ, we try to be as sustainable as possible. We’re constantly making changes to the way we operate. Our office recently became paperless, with all our files moving online. Our team work from whiteboards and limit the use of paper. Baby Birds have a commitment to reducing waste wherever possible. All of our packaging is reused and recycled. We combine postage by sending goods together, and packaging all into one box to reduce wasted space.


One change we have made is using 100% organic bamboo toilet roll by Naked Sprout. It’s the eco-friendly alternative to ordinary toilet roll, and has no bleach, plastic or chemicals. Toilet roll made from virgin wood pulp threatens deforestation around the world. Naked Sprout is made from bamboo, the fastest growing plant in the world. Carbon emissions from producing the Naked Rolls are 65% lower than regular toilet roll, reinforcing our commitment to lowering our carbon footprint in our everyday lives.

Every Naked Sprout box also provides a child in Kenya with safe water at school for 1 year through their charity partner ‘Just a Drop’.

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We operate in the most eco-friendly way we can, reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible, and offsetting the rest of our lives by planting trees in our forest. Another way we commit to sustainability is by supporting those brands who produce sustainable products. Many of our brands are eco-conscious, plastic-free. 

We’ve picked a range of products to feature below, where you can do your bit for the environment whilst shopping some great baby essentials.


We signed up to the Bike to Work scheme to offer all of our team the opportunity to buy a bike tax free, and as part of a Government Approved salary sacrifice scheme. This makes it accessible to all, and promotes a healthy lifestyle.


Paloma Eco range

A match made in heaven, Paloma Faith has teamed up with our crazy friends at Cosatto to produce the incredible “ONE WORLD” range. In reflection of Paloma’s continuing environmental activism, the fabric is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and the message is an eco one. From pushing an eco stroller, to ditching plastic straws, there are things we can do. This story is just beginning.


Roma Capsule2

The Capsule2 is made in a factory that recycles all the water used in production. Sophisticated filtration systems ensure that the end result is water that flows freely into a nearby river. The factory focuses on reducing pollution in their area.


Matt Instinct

Handmade in the UK, Matt Instinct mattresses use natural fillings so you can be reassured that your baby is sleeping safely. All their suppliers are British based and located within an hour of the manufacturing facility, thereby reducing their carbon footprint.



Leading the way in pram sustainability, Joolz have been planting a tree for every pram sold for years. That’s why their “Birth Forest” is so successful. They use sustainable, organic materials – the fabrics are made of recycled plastic bottles, and the Joolz Essential range is made from 100% organic cotton. All of the Joolz packaging is reusable. All the cardboard boxes can be converted into something brilliant – a bird house, a reindeer, or a lamp. This “Positive Design” is all housed in their sustainably renovated factory in Amsterdam, with greenhouses and other smart energy-neutral solutions.

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SX Reef Stone Seat Unit Detail

Silver Cross

Progressing Silver Cross’ sustainability agenda, the Silver Cross Reef’s outer fabrics contain recycled materials. With younger generations increasingly stating they will pay more for products that will have the least negative impact on the environment, Reef aligns comfort, practicality, and style with a more considered, sustainable approach. 35 bottles comprises Reef in the seat unit (including hood, chest pad and crotch pad, head support). Silver Cross will be continuing with this initiative throughout new launches.


Little Green Sheep

Simply beautiful products made using natural and organic materials. Only 4 natural ingredients go into a Little Green Sheep mattress, keeping things simple to ensure a safe place for baby to sleep. So many baby mattresses are made using synthetic materials and treated with fire retardant chemical sprays, Little Green Sheep pioneered the use of natural materials in all their products. At the heart of all of their mattresses is wool. Breathable, and naturally fire retardant, LGS mattresses pass all safety tests for the UK without the use of any additional chemicals. Since then, they have expanded into bedding and furniture, all made with natural materials.



For a long time, Bugaboo have manufactured their own pushchairs in their factory in China. They aim to be a positive force in the community, providing healthy working conditions in their factory, and responsibly sourcing the materials that they use. 

Bugaboo Fox materials are made with recycled PET bottles. Stroller fabrics would usually be made with virgin polyester, but Bugaboo decided to use recycled materials to limit the quantity of plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in our oceans or landfills. It is still breathable, free from harmful chemicals and just as durable. Bugaboo work with a fabric supplier from an approved vendor list and the process is certified according to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The Standard gives guidelines for social and environmental requirements during the production stage. The fabrics also carry the SGS Recycled Content Certification, which evaluates products made from material diverted from the waste stream.