The ALL NEW Cloud T i-Size from CYBEX

With the Cloud series of car seats, CYBEX developed an ergonomic lie-flat position for use outside of the car back in 2014, and in 2018 was the first brand to launch a rotating infant carrier – something parents never knew they needed until they had it!  

Building on this innovation the newest Cloud T i-Size has arrived and has just got even better!  

CYBEX is renowned for its design, safety and functionality and the Cloud T i-Size doesn’t disappoint! 

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But let’s get into it. Here are 12 reasons to love the new Cloud T i-size: 

Cybex Cloud T
The Plus fabric version of the Cloud T i-size features mesh inserts for even better air circulation and comfort, proper circulation of air not only reduces humidity, but also prevents any excess moisture. Its specially designed 3D mesh structure improves breathability by up to six times*, ensuring that your child stays cool and comfortable no matter the weather.  
Cloud T lie flat
To be used outside of the car, the Cloud T i-Size features an innovative Stretch & Lie-Flat Technology, that has set new standards for ergonomic comfort. Its recline hinge, situated in the hip area, allows for a simultaneously flattened back and leg rest extension, creating an optimal lying position for your baby.   When used on your pushchair the Cloud T i-Size can be fully reclined into a lie-flat position that provides ergonomic comfort on the go with no need to adjust the harness thanks to the automatic harness adjustment. The Stretch & Lie-Flat Technology, prevents your baby’s head from falling forward, allowing for unrestricted breathing and vital lung development.​ 
Cybex Cloud T
CYBEX has been manufacturing rotating infant car seats since 2018 – the Cloud T i-Size is next generation in this technology.  When used with the ISOFIX Base T, the Cloud T i-Size easily rotates towards the car door using only one hand, for effortless on and off-boarding. Smaller babies can sleep soundly in the Cloud T i-Size even while the seat is being easily and smoothly clicked directly onto the base in the car. Thanks to the 180° rotation, you can make sure your baby sits comfortably and correctly in the seat and is securely strapped in before setting off, saying goodbye to any awkward reaching or twisting.  The smooth 180° rotation allows parents to turn the seat towards the door, and in a single movement by simply using the one hand release mechanism and carry handle, lift their little one out of the car without any additional bending or strain on their backs.    
Cybex Cloud T car recline
With the Cloud series CYBEX developed an ergonomic lie-flat position for outside of the car. Building on this innovation the newest Cloud T i-Size can also be placed in a reclined position while in the car. This feature allows greater comfort for the child without compromising on safety while on the road. When moving the seat into the in-car recline position the harness automatically adjusts without the need for parents to re adjust the harness for a comfortable fit. 
Untitled (1000 × 200 px)
The stunning new colour range available in the Plus fabric version of the Cloud T i-Size really makes a statement. Choose from the on trend colours Leaf Green, Platinum White, Peach Pink, Mirage grey and Sepia Black. The comfort fabric versions are available in Mirage Grey or Sepia Black.  
cloud t impact protection
The Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P.) System enhances safety in the event of an accident. Together with the energy-absorbing shell of the seat the extended L.S.P. reduces the initial impact forces by up to 25%.  
Cloud T base
The NEW Base T comes equipped with optimised, user-friendly ISOFIX-Release buttons, making the installation of the base in the car even more intuitive and easy. The handy green and red indicators featured on the ISOFIX Tech Release buttons and the base load leg reassure parents that they have correctly installed their seat.  
Cloud Travel System
The Cloud T i-Size’s travel system compatibility allows for easy attachment onto a variety of strollers and pushchairs from CYBEX with the use of adapters. While being a versatile infant car seat, it also offers an incomparably flat recline position, nearly as flat as a carrycot, setting it apart from other reclining car seats.  
Cloud T sun protection
The XXL Sun Canopy is made from UPF50+ fabric** which offers excellent sun protection as well as shielding your child from wind and the busy surroundings like a cosy cocoon. When not in use, it can be easily stowed away. For hot days, the sun canopy on the plus fabric version now features a new mesh window that not only improves air ventilation but also makes it easier to check on your child without moving the Sun Canopy. 
Cloud T height
The Height-adjustable Headrest provides 12 different positions, allowing for a personalised and secure fit for your growing child. With the integrated harness guide, adjustments can be made effortlessly and within seconds while ensuring that the safety features of the seat are properly positioned. The Cloud T i-Size grows with your child from birth to approximately 24 months old (45-87cm) and the harness automatically adjusts as you move the headrest or recline the seat. 
Cloud T
The Cloud T i-Size comes with a removable Newborn Inlay that provides a near-flat lying position for newborns or smaller premature babies. The inlay minimises the risk of the baby’s head tipping forward while sleeping, which encourages a safer sleeping position and reduces any breathing difficulties. As your baby grows, the Newborn Inlay can be removed to create more space for your child. 
Cloud and Sirona Base
The ISOFIX Base T can continue to be used with a CYBEX Sirona T i-Size as your child grows. ​The Sirona T i-Size rotates 360 degrees and can be used up to 18kgs approx. 4 years old.