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Lately we have been thinking about the environment and what we can do to lower our carbon footprint. We want to become more environmentally friendly and have consciously made some changes to our business to make this a reality.

We’ve been asking ourselves what active steps could we make as a business to eventually become carbon neutral? We’ve been actively cutting down our paper usage, minimising the need for printing, and always recycling when possible. We are happy with these positive changes, but feel that we could do more.

That’s why we’ve decided to implement some new changes into our business. We have started using Naked Sprout bamboo toilet paper, minimising the impact on the environment.

Naked Sprout are a registered charity who are tackling the issue of the production of toilet roll and the impact this is having on the environment. This issue may not be well known to many people, but “The production of toilet roll wipes out 27,000 trees a day – almost 9 million a year..” – National Geographic. Their toilet paper is chemical free, plastic free and has no impact on the environment! We are proud to be using their product and encourage all our customers to do the same by supporting them. You can share the discount code “NAKEDFRIEND10′ with your friends and they will receive 10% off their first order.


We’ve also been thinking about how we can give back to our customers and involve them in our environmental journey. We want to encourage our customers to use environmentally friendly products when possible, and love introducing new products when possible. This is why we have created a sustainability hamper worth over £100 that is FREE for customers who spend a certain amount on our website! This hamper has various sustainable products for both parents and baby. Including diapers, baby balm and toys! All products included are environmentally sourced and have zero impact on the environment. *Hamper contents are subject to change.

We are conscious and continually looking at the future. With one of our own Baby Birds recently turning one, and with everything going on in the world we are now looking and thinking about the future more than ever. This is why we have partnered with Ecologi to plant trees around the globe and eventually build our own company forest. We aim to have planted 3000 trees by our thirtieth Birthday. For every purchase that includes our sustainability hamper we will be planting a tree, so thank you!

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