Product Launch: Cybex Anoris T

Back in September, I was invited to attend a very secret product launch in London.
Every year, Cybex release something new to the market, but I got the feeling this was really something special. Lutz Müller, the CEO of Cybex, had travelled from Germany to introduce us to the latest innovation. In a room of other retailers, we were played a video of the new Anoris T iSize with Airbag Technology.

Car seat safety is something we are very passionate about at Baby Birds. For years now we have been promoting rear facing seats for as long as possible. The Anoris T changes this completely. Watch the video on the Anoris T HERE.

Anoris is a forward facing car seat. The name comes from the best-selling Sirona Z seat, which is Anoris spelled backwards. This is because the primary focus of the Sirona Z was to rear face your child as long as possible on the Z base, before progressing on to the Solution Z booster seat.

Forward Facing – the way forward?

The Anoris provides a child with the same comfort as an adult in a forward-facing journey, with the added protection of airbag technology. Though forward facing, the Anoris has 50% higher safety levels than a standard harnessed forward facing car seat. In the event of a collision, the airbag inflates within milliseconds. It is deployed first over the child’s lap, moving up to their head and neck. This stops forward motion, so there is very little pressure on the child’s neck and abdomen. The crash testing results are unparalleled.

Many parents forward face because the child doesn’t like facing backwards, because they are worried about leg room, or because they want the interaction of being able to see their child in the rear view mirror. Before the Anoris, this would always compromise the safety of the child, who is 5 times safer facing the rear of the car than when they are turned forwards in standard harnessed car seats. In the Anoris, there is no compromise on safety, and the child can forward face from 15 months.

The Impact Shield

The Anoris impact shield and headrest will adjust, so children will have room to grow up until about 6 years. After this, their body has had an extra 2 years of development compared to most Group 1 car seats that only go up to 4 years.

The impact shield is a system used in quite a few Cybex car seats, and replaces the use of a harness. They are easier to fasten than harnesses, and perform very well in crash tests. Across the shield is a mini seatbelt integrated into the seat, so removing and securing the shield is as easy as plugging in a seatbelt. It doesn’t require the use of the car’s seat belt.

The Details

The seat has an integrated ISOFIX system, with LED indicators to check the seat is installed correctly and the child is secure. The visual guide displays the status of the ISOFIX leg, impact shield and battery, so it is very clear when it is safe to drive.

Accessories available are a summer cover, cupholder and ISOFIX guides. The Anoris is available in 7 colours.

Cybex Anoris Colour Options

Anoris passes the iSize regulation, and is suitable from 76-115cm (from 15 months to 6 years). This means that your child wouldn’t progress to a high back booster until 6 years old.

The Anoris offers not only the best protection possible in a forward facing seat, but the peace of mind that your child is progressing to their high back booster at the right time. In store, we find many children aged 4 that have outgrown their Group 1 seat, but feel too small for the next stage. It gives parents an uneasy feeling. The Anoris eliminates these concerns. It really is the way forward!

As of 17th November 2021, the Cybex Anoris is available to purchase at Baby Birds with payment plan options and 0% finance with Klarna.

– by Molly, Baby Birds