Doddl is an innovative brand revolutionizing mealtimes for children with its range of ergonomic cutlery and feeding products. Designed with a deep understanding of child development and a passion for empowering independence, Doddl creates intuitive solutions that make self-feeding easier and more enjoyable for little ones.

Empowering Independence: Doddl believes in empowering children to explore and master new skills, and their products are designed to do just that. By providing ergonomic cutlery and feeding utensils that are perfectly sized and shaped for small hands, Doddl encourages independence and self-feeding from an early age, fostering confidence and autonomy in children as they learn to feed themselves.

Innovative Design: Doddl’s products are the result of extensive research and collaboration with pediatric specialists, nutritionists, and parents. The unique design features, such as ergonomic handles and angled spoons, promote proper grip and control, making it easier for children to navigate mealtimes with confidence and ease.

Supporting Development: Mealtimes are not just about nourishment; they are also essential for sensory development and fine motor skills. Doddl’s products are carefully crafted to support these developmental milestones, providing children with the opportunity to practice hand-eye coordination, motor planning, and sensory exploration in a fun and engaging way.

Family-Friendly: Doddl understands the challenges that parents face during mealtimes, which is why their products are designed to simplify the process for both children and caregivers. Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe materials ensure convenience for busy families, while durable construction guarantees long-lasting performance meal after meal.

Positive Mealtime Experience: Doddl is committed to creating positive mealtime experiences for families around the world. By promoting independence, supporting development, and making mealtimes more enjoyable for children, Doddl helps to foster healthy eating habits and lifelong skills that will benefit children well into adulthood.

Discover the difference that Doddl can make in your family’s mealtimes. With its innovative design, focus on child development, and commitment to empowering independence, Doddl is leading the way in transforming mealtimes for children everywhere.

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    Red Kite Feed Me Lolo Highchair with Doddl Bundle
    Original price was: £100.85.Current price is: £96.89.
    doddl Children's Plate
    doddl Children’s Plate
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