At Baby Birds we want to make sure you find the right pram for you. It’s a big and often tricky decision finding the right pram that suits you and your lifestyle.

We understand that there are many things to think about. Car seats, whether your pram will fit in the car, what brand you like, what’s the safest model etc, we’ve heard them all.

With all these things to think about and different items to get, the total end price can be expensive especially for the more well known brands.

We’ve been in this situation as well. Overwhelmed by the items to get, and often thinking how are you going to be able to pay for all these essential items? It’s the reason our director and founder Emma started Baby Birds. She couldn’t find the help she needed, and felt many places just cared about getting the sale compared to actually helping her.

Baby Birds wants all our customers to have as smooth a selling experience as possible. And we want to make sure everyone has the right pram for them. We appreciate this sometimes means it can be out of customers’ price ranges. This is why we offer different alternatives to pay, so you can concentrate on the important stuff.

We want to make everyone aware of the different payment options we have available for all customers, so in this blog we are going to be speaking about the different options available, so you can make the right choice that fits for you.

We offer payment plans through, and Klarna. Allowing you to pay in smaller installments over a period of time. We are also able to accept payments through Google pay, Apple pay, and Paypal.

Below you can find all the information explaining how both and Klarna work.

Klarna is a free shopping service that helps millions of people shop with ease every day. They provide different payment options through a simple service. We use Klarna to help spread the cost of more expensive products. Any purchase over £1000 we offer to spread the cost over six months by using Klarna.

Any purchase under £1000 we offer the option to pay over 3 months. You can ask one of our team to explain how Klarna works, just popm into our store or give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.


Partially is a great way to spread the cost and make payments into smaller affordable ones. gives you more freedom and flexibility with a payment plan. With you can choose how much you pay, and how long the payment plan lasts for. Each payment must be a minimum of 10% of your total, and the maximum plans last up to 12 months. Please bear in mind when using partially your order will not be dispatched until payments are paid in full.