Meet The Team

Hi everyone, and welcome to the second installment of our blog! How are you? Do you like the new website? I’m really excited to keep you up to date with what we’ve been up to, and what we’ve been focusing on. I want to be able to introduce you to our team, and how our family run business operates on a day to day basis. I think it’s important you know who you are speaking too, and who is helping you with your Baby Birds purchase. So, let me introduce myself. My name is Max, I’ve only been with the company for a short amount of time, but I will be doing all the blog posts (apologies in advance), and our social media posts as well as keeping you updated with everything baby birds! Please let me know how I’m doing, if you have any helpful suggestions or any things YOU want me to talk about. 

Here at Baby Birds we believe that family is one of the best and one of the most important things in life. We understand how crucial it is to get the right products to ensure the safety and well being of little family members. We understand the fears and confusion new parents face, trust us we’ve been there! We take all this into consideration when families shop with us, and take pride in the fact we can relate so well. We even use our own products within our own families. 

I want to show you more of our company and introduce ourselves from our family, to yours.


Let’s start with the head of the family and head of the company. Emma, or Mum as we like to call her. Emma started Baby Birds over 28 years ago when pregnant with her first child Molly. She, like many new parents, was concerned that she couldn’t find the right products for her and her future baby. So she thought why not do it herself? She often says that family and her girls are her main inspiration in both life and business. We couldn’t agree more! Emma has been here since the beginning, often cracking the whip along with jokes she keeps the family and business in check along with laughter and love. She is at the heart of Baby Birds and everything in between. 


Next please step forward our Warehouse Manager, Kelly. Kelly was originally a part of the team when we first started, along with Emma. This was back when the business was at its early stages and still in nappies. Her quick wit and charming personality were a hit with customers. She left the business to concentrate on her own family, returning back to ours years later. She’s been with us for 15 years now, and we’d be lost without her. She is the main force behind getting out our products and has the work ethic and determination of a small army. She is a key member of our family, and is always there to make us laugh and make the tea. Cheers Kel!


Another key member of our family is Molly. The brains behind the business she is often coming up with new ideas and new projects to work on. Molly of course was born into the business and after completing a Law Degree at Maastricht University (I said she was clever) she came to join the business on a full time basis. Molly deals with suppliers, new products and helps Emma run the company as smoothly as possible. A year ago Molly had a beautiful girl with her husband Angus, adding even more love and laughter to the family. We always see it as a treat when she brings in her little girl. It also gives us a great opportunity for a photo shoot with some of our favourite new products, although she isn’t paid for her photo shoots, she enjoys it anyway. 


Molly’s sister Libby is another member I can hardly forget to mention. Libby has grown up with the business, large parts of her summer holidays involved trade fairs and exhibitions. She often helps out when extra help is needed whilst balancing her school work and Baby Birds work. After graduating from University from Plymouth and obtaining a masters in Psychology she often comes into the office for a helping hand, or just to wind up the team. Her big personality lights up any room when she walks in, although don’t ask her to carry anything. She will drop it. When she does help out she is Kelly’s right hand woman, crucially helping in with stock and orders. She is currently doing some amazing work for Steps2wellbeing. We all couldn’t be prouder. 


Mark (known as Charlie) is Emma’s partner in crime and has been a constant support to the business since its birth. Charlie has been head of finances in the past, before retiring from his other job in construction. He’s an amazing father to Molly and Libby always available for a laugh and a joke. We all love having him around and has been a key part of the business and its success. He often likes to sing (to the annoyance of everyone else) and gets every other word wrong. Whatever the song is. He often calls himself a vital cog in the Baby Birds team although this is up for debate according to Mum. Nowadays he is often seen in the warehouse supervising and doing most of the heavy lifting as well as most of the complaining. Only joking Charlie!


Steph, also known as Stephers, has been with us for nearly 5 years now! Steph went to school with Libby, and has been a family friend since. Her mum previously worked for the business before heading into teaching, and Steph took her place. Steph remains one of the key members of our family dealing with customer enquiries, orders, and just about everything else. She loves a good gossip, and always has a recommendation for the next thing to watch on Netflix. I’ve often found this useful. She can often be heard speaking with customers, and has been praised for her customer service. Next time you give us a call you may be speaking to her, so expect some friendly service. 


Jade has been with us for a short time of 4 months but has proved to be a vital member of the Baby Birds team. Jade’s job role is sales and customer service. She deals with all customers enquiries and helps customers through their process of buying prams and is with them for every step of their journey. Jade always delivers service with a smile, and her bubbly personality always brightens up the office. She also deals with orders and processing, and can often be seen with her slippers and a smile on her face. Keep up the great work Jade!


We also have a couple of newbies to the team myself (Max) and Annie. I’ve joined after graduating from university with a degree in business management. I help with videos, social media, and other marketing projects. I’ve known the family and the business for a long time as I went to school with Libby, and I’ve been close with her and the family since then. I really enjoy working here, as cliché as it sounds, it really is like one big family (literally in some examples). What I enjoy the most about being here is everyone’s sense of humour, and positive attitude. It’s a really positive place to work, and I think that’s because everyone loves and really cares about what they do. I feel really lucky to be here. 


Annie has been with us for a few weeks and is our new head of accounts. Annie has known the family for a long time, her daughter is good friends with Molly as they attended school together. She has known Emma for 25 years and keeps the accounts straight for the entire company. She’s already proved to be a key team member, and helps keep us all in check. Annie has joined us at a crucial time, as we launch our new website and head into a new financial year. She has fitted in really well, and we all look forward to working with her in the future. Welcome Annie!


And that’s our family. As you can see we are a family run business, who focus on quality and care. We understand the importance of family and the key decisions are when picking out items for a new addition to any family. I hope you enjoyed reading about us as much as I enjoyed introducing you to everyone. I will have lots more blog posts to come, including an overview of how the past year has been for the business, and what we’ve been concentrating on in the new future. 

Hopefully this will include some sense of normality and less banana bread. I’ve consumed enough banana bread for the year as well as applying gallons of hand sanitizer. Anyone else? I go into this more in the next post, so keep your eyes peeled for that one. I hope you can join me on the next installment. Until then, thanks for reading.