How To Avoid The Christmas Rush

With July upon us, the sun shining, England smashing the Euro’s (it’s definitely coming home) the last thing you would be thinking about is Christmas. But it may not be the worst idea to get prepared now for the Christmas rush. 

It has been reported that due to Covid 19, there are still delays occurring with orders and overseas shipping. The consequences could be huge if you aren’t prepared. A recent BBC article highlights the issues this could bring we’ve linked it if you want to read the full story.

Here at Baby Birds we want to make sure you are all fully prepared for Christmas. This means buying gifts sooner than later, exploring payment plans, and looking at what’s available for the festive season NOW. There is a sense of pressure for this year, as so many families missed out on the Christmas they would have wanted because of coronavirus separating them. We don’t want to add to this pressure. We just want to make sure you are aware of delays, and how being extra prepared this year is a good thing.

This is why we want to address the Christmas period now, and let you all know how you can get ahead on the Christmas rush and avoid disappointment. 

If you are looking to make this year the best one yet, we have some ways you can beat the rush and find an affordable gift perfect for that magical Christmas morning. 

We have payment plans available for some of our best selling Christmas gifts including the beautiful Roma Polly dolls pram, in both single and double. The Stephanie Dolls pram, which is guaranteed to put a smile on a little one’s face. We have all sorts of packages and payment plans available, many with optional accessories including fur hoods, hand muffs and blankets. We have payment plans starting from only £9.99 a week with the final payments being the last week of December. 

For example you can start paying now for the Roma Polly as it is 5 months until December (23 weeks) you can start a payment plan today starting at only £20 a month, and guaranteed in time for Christmas. 

If you want to find out more, and start a payment plan today, feel free to give us a call or pop in to our store in Link Park, Weymouth.