Giving back

The past events have caused distress and issues for many families and business across the world. Baby birds have been lucky enough to keep working through the pandemic, and we feel very fortunate to be in such a lucky position. We realise that many places have struggled and are not in such a fortunate position, and many people are unaware of this and the key work that some of these places have been doing as well as the sacrifices they have made. Giving back, is now more important than ever. We have been looking at where and how we can give back, and so we thought working with our local SCBU would be a great place to start.

SCBU stands for special care baby unit. They do some amazing work with premature and poorly babies. They summarised their amazing work below:


“We are a small, busy and friendly unit located opposite the Maternity Unit in East Wing. There are approximately 250 babies admitted to us each year. The babies we care for are either premature (from approximately 32 weeks onwards) or unwell. We can also admit babies under 32 weeks gestation to stabilise them prior to transfer to another unit for them to receive further specialised care. Only under exceptional circumstances do we admit babies who have already been home.

We understand what an emotional time this can be for parents and the rest of the family. We try very hard to support the family as much as possible. Parents can be reassured their baby will be well looked after and receive excellent care from us. Where possible, we are determined to keep babies and parents together and we have 4 parent rooms on the unit to enable us to support this.”

Our Baby Birds team popped into our local SCBU in dorchester hospital to hand over some products that we think can really make a difference to both parents and babies lives. The products we sent them was the brilliant Bugaboo fox and two mamaroo rockers.

How our products will help:

We chose to give the Bugaboo Fox pram will help take babies out for walks, getting some vital fresh air to help with their growth and recovery. The large basket underneath is able to carry oxygen tanks if needed. The stylish high quality feel of the Bugaboo gives parents reassurance when using it. Many parents arrive at SCBU without being able to travel home with the correct equipment. This is where we hope the Bugaboo Fox will come in and help parents who need it.

The mamaroo’s will help soothe baby as the device mimics how a parent would rock or sway baby. SCBU can get extremely busy, and every baby needs attention and assistance. Sometimes there just isn’t enough room or enough hands to help sooth babies. The mamaroo’s will help with this issue. We provided SCBU with two of them, as we saw how busy they can get and wanted to make a real difference.

The team at SCBU were so pleased with the products and we were equally happy and excited to help out and make a difference.

What can I do to help?

We want this to inspire people think more about others, and how we can all make a difference to people’s lives. Is there anywhere else that needs our help? How can you help and give back?

There are plenty of places that you can help with donations and support. We’ve added a few links below to some who are local to us.

Dorset Youth Association

Dorset Community Trust

Dorset County Hospital Charity