Sponsoring a Ugandan child – Goats Mike & Roma

We’re so excited to be able to update you with the progress of Emma, the little boy we sponsor in Uganda.

From our latest update, Emma has been busy with his schooling, and supporting his family, as he is the oldest of 4 in his household.

Emma is the oldest amongst the 4 children at just 6 years old. His siblings are Maria, Esther and Jonah. Esther and Jonah are twins, aged 4 years and Maria is almost turning 6.
After the birth of the twins, Esther and Jonah, their father passed away, leaving Nakitto Immy (their mother) with the responsibility to take care of the children. Emma helps as much as he can.
The latest update we have from Emma and his family are the two goats that we bought for him have finally arrived, and they are helping him and the family.

The goats are important for the community in Uganda, and we are so happy this will make a huge difference for Emma and his family. They can be used for their milk, and any babies in the future can be sold to provide income for the family. They also provide meat, a delicacy in Africa. Goat meat is the backbone of many African dishes. They contribute towards the nutritional status of the household and are a great source of income. They therefore play an important role in poverty alleviation in individual households. Receiving a goat in Uganda is much more of a big deal than you or myself would think.

We managed to source two goats for them. One male and one female. We decided to call them Roma and Mike, after our founders parents, suitable names we think!

Nakito Immy (Mum) is so happy that we have shown an interest in Emma and the household, she is happy to know at least that there are people who love her and her children and also love to see her family happy.

You can read more about how Mike and Roma will affect Emma and his family in future blog posts, so keep an eye out for those!

If you want to read more about Emma and his family, you can read all about him in our first blog post “Meet Emma – Sponsoring a Ugandan child

If you want to find out more, you can always help directly by visiting me and you child aid directly:


Emma and his family with their new goats Mike and Roma.
Emma GOAT 2
Mike and Roma strutting their stuff.