• Week 38 - Bit of a scare!

Week 38 - Bit of a scare!

In the early hours of Friday the 15th, we rushed down to the maternity unit as Becky had become numb and lost feeling in the whole left side of her body! 

Once we got to the maternity unit, they had her strapped up to a monitor to keep track of both her and baby! There was nothing wrong with our little boy as far as they could see, or with Becky for that matter, but they couldn't explain the numbness straight away. 

The doctors and midwife tried moving little boy just in case it was his positioning that made Becky lose feeling in the left side of her body but that wasn't helping either! 

It was then suggested that they would look at inducing Becky and having our little boy come out sooner than expected! 
It would be lovely of course to see my little boy now, but I would prefer him to be ready to come out! 
Fortunately, they didn't induce as the numbness had gone, so we were sent back home to wait for the day he decides to appear! 

I have to say, every time we've been to the hospital or to see the midwife at the doctor's surgery, they've been phenomenal! They have always been there and given us the greatest care we could ever want. 
If there's anyone in the area considering which hospital to go to, I would definitely recommend Dorchester as a hospital. 


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