• Week 37 - Birth plan

Week 37 - Birth plan

This week we've been finalising our birth plan!
I didn't realise that there were so many different things to decide when having a baby. Especially when it came to the actual birth! I knew about the birth pool and what type of place you'd prefer to give birth in, but I didn't realise that you'd have to say about pain relief while not actually in pain?! 

We'd spoken about me being the birthing partner, wanting access to the birthing pool (which we have made sure we've requested), but once they mentioned pain relief, Becky didn't know what to say. 
Epidural we've heard of and of course gas and air (Nitrous Oxide), but Pethidine? All of this was new to us so the midwife explained what Pethidine was and that just left us even more confused. 

Becky doesn't want to take any pain relief that might affect our little boy, but at the same time, she doesn't want to be in pain! 
I think when it comes to it, Becky will want to try to keep it as natural as possible without any form of pain relief... but, that could change! 

We are both definitely for breastfeeding and we hope that everything goes to plan in that regard. If things don't go to plan, we'll keep trying but will have formula milk on hand to help us make sure little man has the food he needs! 

How much of this birth plan will actually come into effect, I am not sure, but we've got our requests at least!

There's not much more than that which has happened this week. As it gets closer, time gets slower and seems like less is happening. That could just be the perception but both Becky and I just feel like we're waiting around for ages! 
At least we have this birth plan to keep us going. 

Have you ever made a birth plan? Did everything go to plan for you or are you creating your birth plan now? 
Let us know in the comment section below and ask us questions! 

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