• Week 36 - Our new Supabath!

Week 36 - Our new Supabath!

This week has been a rather slow week... Not much has happened in terms of little boy this week but we have managed to get lots done! 

One of the many things to think about and sort out... so... we've now got a little bath ready for him and it fits over our bath perfectly!

We chose the Supabath by Neat Nursery because of its excellent size and sturdiness. The fact that it's orange certainly does help the cause too!
It's suitable from birth which makes it perfect for us to use for a while with our little man. 

We'd seen other plain baths around that were cheaper but flimsier and we just didn't like the style. The Neat Nursery baths are exactly what we were looking for in terms of bathing accessories. 

At £19.99, our Supabath was the perfect purchase. Not only does it fit in perfectly to our bathroom, it's sturdy and built to last! 

The Neat Nursery has many other items that can be matching, some being as part of a set and others being for potty training, which would be lovely to have all together. 

We've now got most of the bathing items ready for his arrival, with baby bubble bath, baby shampoo and various bits, all ready and waiting for our little man! 

If you're wanting to pick up a Supabath yourself or just look at The Neat Nursery items online, click here!

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