• Week 34 post - Scan day!

Week 34 post - Scan day!

Hello, today is a really exciting day! We're being given a scan at 34 weeks so we'll get a much closer look at our little man before we get to meet him in 6 weeks (or so!)
It's not long until we have to get going, but I will be back later to fill you all in on what happened!

We've just arrived through the door from our scan and we're still so excited! We saw his little face, feet, tiny little hands and his tiny nose! He's so cute! (melts) 
There are not many things that make me really emotional, but this was one of them. Seeing his little face for just a short period of time really tugged at my heart strings, making me even more eager to see him! Enough of me being all soppy, I'll keep all that for the day he arrives! 

After all that excitement, we're in the mood for some baby shopping! We still have a few items to get prior to the arrival of our recently photographed man so while we're in the zone, we'll do it now. 
The only problem is, there are so many things I want to get but know I don't need... 

If there are any recommendations, I'd really love to hear about them! Just post them in the comments section below :) 

We're going out shopping now, so will speak to you next week! :) 

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