• Week 33 post

Week 33 post

 Hello, all! :) 

For those that do not know, this is my weekly segment which will include updates on the progress of the birth of our little boy and also product reviews of the items we will use along the way! 

Things are moving on little by little, but he's growing! We are due to have a scan next week at 34 weeks which was offered by our midwife as we have now changed hospitals so we are now based in Dorchester and our little boy will be born in Dorchester hospital. 

Both Becky and I were offered a tour of the maternity unit to see what it was like inside, and of course, we agreed! 
We had heard lots of good things about Dorchester hospital and they were only solidified by our visit. They had 12 very large birthing rooms and there was a birthing pool for a water birth! All of the midwives and staff were very friendly and have been very accommodating to us at short notice :) 

Though the tour was rather short, it definitely gave us an insight of what we could be expected towards the end of September! 

I'll be back next week with the update after our next and last scan! Look forward to telling you all about it!


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