• Week 39 - SnuzPod build and initial thoughts.

Week 39 - SnuzPod build and initial thoughts.

Hello everyone! 

We're so close to the birth of our little boy now, with less than a week to go now, things are starting to get real, but impatience is already setting in and it's not even the 26th yet! 

One of the final things that will complete our nursery furniture and our little man's sleep time is the SnuzPod. 

We've been looking at all different types of bedside cribs, but the SnuzPod came up trumps with its handy storage shelf, small footprint so it fits next to the bed easily and unique removable bassinet for everywhere-Snüzing! 

Opening up the box for the SnuzPod was self-explanatory. On the side of the box is ‘this way up’, so you know which way to open it up! 

Everything was packaged neatly inside with plenty of padding so that things don’t roll around inside the box - something you’d definitely expect from a high-end product such as the SnuzPod. 

The assembly instructions were on top when opening the box, so I didn’t need to hunt around bits of wood for the instructions. 

The booklet was easy to read and easy to understand which bit goes where! 

Becky and I put the SnuzPod together with ease! We put it together slowly, however, this was due to Becky being 39 weeks pregnant at this point! 

Each part of the instructions was step by step and even indicated which type of screws were needed for each part! This made life 

Assembly was super easy and everything went in without any issues, apart from just one small thing! The rods that go in at the end to hold the fabric up at the sides were a little tough to screw in, but grabbing something to grip them with quickly solved that! 

We'd made both the stand and the bassinet and proceeded to attach it to the side of the bed. 
By this point we'd been craving a cup of tea so took a bit of a break and just sat there imagining our little man, next to the bed in his SnuzPod. It was a little bit of an emotional moment but very quickly the tea was gone and we were back to finishing the SnuzPod off :) 

The final assembly was to attach the SnuzPod to the side of the bed. This wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, actually! In the box were two sets of straps. One set for divan style beds and another set for frame style beds of which ours was the latter. 
Attaching the straps around the frame was easy. All we had to do was find a position on the bed that was sturdy (also easy to find) and then feed the straps around, click them together and then tighten them up. 

To summerise, putting the Snuzpod together was really quick, really easy and it just looks phenomenal attached to the bed. 
With the bedding, blanket and mattress protector, it looks even better! 

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