• And then there were 3, what next?

And then there were 3, what next?

So many ‘travel systems’, so little time!

Where did I even start, well the first sign of fatherhood for me started back in Christmas 2012. As luck had it, I was lucky to have started my new job around two months before hand at Baby Birds. I know right, almost a coincidence? Nope, like a lot of things in life, me and my wife were lucky and I guess the timing was just perfect for this to happen.

That was it for me, no more spending my money on “man toys” from then on…. Well not quite, I have learned very quickly as my boy Archie is now 3 years old it’s really simple…. Buy toys “for the boy” instead of yourself! See me and my Boy Archie below :)

OK, life had taken a new direction for me as a father to be, time to pick myself up off of the floor and start planning the best life possible for a new baby! I remember the sheer excitement from my colleagues planning (spending my money for me) what ‘travel system’ I should be buying.

Pushchairs, carrycots, seat units, car seats, ISOFIX, those lunch breaks were not my own anymore! I honestly still knew nothing about baby products but had been recently assigned the task of clearing ex display items via our eBay and Amazon store so time to learn, and fast!

I was hunting through the ex display area just trying to figure out was the stuff was, and why you would ever need it! Then I found a Mutsy Urban Rider in green that seemed pretty awesome, air tyres, a weird chassis that had almost a hinge in the middle of the chassis that felt like it had 4 wheel steering.

I remember thinking that this thing seems almost bomb proof, anyway it subsequently sold on eBay and some lucky person found the bargain they were looking for from our eBay store! Yey go me, the new boy (me) sold something that might even have justified his wages for that week lol.

Anyway, I was soon let loose into our Dorchester branch and was shown some awesome products but if I am honest, I just felt like a lost sheep. What about an iCandy Peach? A Silver Cross Surf? BabyStyle Oyster, Nathan didn't you like that ex display green Mutsy we had? Yes…. The then store manageress, Jo, wheeled a Mutsy Evo towards me in black and I was hooked! Ok, so what colours are available and I can send some pics to the wife.

She had her heart set on the Silver Cross Surf travel system that she had previously mentioned to me, the Surf was and still to my ‘professional’ opinion is top of its game if you are into engineering and sheer awesomeness in design!

I had to buy the Evo, but had to sell it to my wife before I could figure out how I was even going to be able to pay for the thing. The following weekend I met my wife and headed into the Dorchester store and the Surf was gone! Well done Jo you have sold it then? Boom it’s the Evo then!

Straight on the phone to my boss, I want a Mutsy Evo but at the same time how can I even afford it even with my staff discount. Why don’t I pay in instalments? Well I still had around 6 months til baby so that was simply perfect for us! See monthly payment plan options.

I priced up the chassis, seat unit, footmuff, rain cover etc and then came across the Urban Nomad range in Dark Grey which had brown leather handle and detailing. Epic! Again spoke to Emma, showed her exactly what we wanted and straight away, there's no carrycot? You need the travel system that includes the carrycot.

Again, lost sheep mode struck me again.

Why do I need a carrycot if I am also ordering the Kiddy Evo Pro 2 car seat and base that has a lie flat function? Well personally I feel now, after having a much better understanding 3 years later, carrycots are recommended to aid spinal development of infants and maintaining oxygen levels of small babies. I have learned the benefits through our Cosatto, Maxi-Cosi and Kiddy car seat training and believe carrycots are recommended for good reason (save that subject for a later date, that's a whole new story).

Check out my little man sporting the Mutsy Evo travel system below, I hope that this blog post may help new parents understand the meaning of a travel system and what may be included.

Bootstrap Image Preview

What is a Travel System?

Travel system is used quite broadly in the nursery industry. Quite simply a travel system does exactly as you would expect it to do. 
It allows parents to be able to travel with baby from newborn upwards either by the included carrycot or by means of a lie flat car seat feature.
See our latest travel system offers here.

I am now over 3 years into my career with Baby Birds as Head of IT (see that ex display Mutsy 4Rider stroller sale must have paid off).

If you are starting this journey and life changing event, it’s not easy, it can be one of the hardest things you may ever do but also the best thing that could ever happen to you!

As parents and trained staff ourselves we can help you choose the best travel systems to suit you and your current requirements and hey, we can now also provide prams, car seats, nursery furniture and more using our online 0% Payment Plan system for your own peace of mind.

Thanks so much for reading!

All the best

Nathan - IT

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