• Back to China, new pram designs, new features added to the Roma Prams range.

Back to China, new pram designs, new features added to the Roma Prams range.

Back to China – January 2018

Following on from my last post, I’m currently on another trip to Hong Kong and China. We launched the new colour Tweed in our Vita last week and it had such a good reaction we have released the Moda in Tweed ahead of schedule. 

What’s the difference between the Roma Vita and the Roma Moda? - 

As it states in our product listing, the new Moda has the option of any car seat that uses Maxi-Cosi fittings. Something a little different to the Vita, which is a complete 3 in 1 car seat package. The Moda is a 2 in 1 pram and pushchair – which means it doesn’t come with a car seat within the package.

I am going to try my best to explain the differences between a 2 in 1 and  3 in 1 pram system. The 1 is the chassis and the other numbers are how many uses you have for that chassis. 

So for example, a 2 in 1 is either:

(a). Chassis with a seat unit suitable from newborn and 0/0+ car seat.
(b). Chassis with a seat unit that turns into a carry cot. 

(a) chassis with seat unit

(a) 0/0+ car seat

(b) chassis with seat unit

(b) converts to carrycot

A 3 in 1 is either: 

(a). Chassis with a seat unit, separate carrycot and 0/0+ car seat. 
(b). Chassis with a seat unit that turns into a carry cot, and 0/0+ car seat. 

(a) chassis with seat unit

(a) carrycot

(a) 0/0+ car seat

(b) chassis with seat unit

(b) converts to carrycot

(b) 0/0+ car seat

I hope that helps explain the terminology a little.

So what are the other differences in features between the Vita & the Moda?

The first noticeable difference has to be the suspension, it is visible from the images and if you pop into to your local Roma stockist you can test the difference in the bounce of the chassis on the new Moda. The extra bounce comes from the twin stage rear suspension, it has two active springs close to the folding part of the chassis, and another stage on each rear axle.

The carry cot is also larger and the ‘hard bodied’ design includes an adjustable backrest very similar to the Venicci and Mee-Go carry cots. The choice between prams are down to personal taste and lifestyle. I wouldn’t say one is better than the other – we have simply tried to offer another option. 

Most of the accessories are the same in appearance at least. So with the Moda there are optional Multi-Fit car seat adaptors for only £20 which will also enable you to use popular car seat brands like Maxi-Cosi, Be-Safe, Cybex and Kiddy car seats on the chassis (subject to approval). Nowadays most manufacturers use the same ‘fittings’ so what used to be called Maxi-Cosi car seat adaptors are now Multi-Fit as so many brands are now simply using the same mouldings to make life easier for you. 

All car seat adapters do however need to be tested so please do check with the pram / car seat manufacturer or wherever you purchased your pram before putting any car seat on your chassis. They have to be ‘tip tested’ to ensure the car seat doesn’t tip your chassis. Plus the car seat has to be secure on the chassis.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our sales team sales@babybirds.co.uk or sales@romaprams.co.uk

So this year, as I have mentioned, we are introducing the new Tweed colourway across the range. It’s stunning with a neutral colour brown tweed fabric, an oyster colour chassis and a chocolate brown leather handle and bumper bar. I am on my way to put this together on the ever popular Roma Rizzo stroller. I am hoping it will be available in May 2018, just in time for this summer! Watch this space!

I’m also overseeing the Roma Twirl dolls pram, We sold out very early in 2017 so we are ensuring this unique 4 way facing pram is available earlier this year as the Twirl is so popular with children and parents alike.

In addition I’m also visiting the Roma Darcie factory to plan the range for  Christmas 2018. The Darcie Dolls prams were a huge hit over Christmas 2017 and many happy customers sent in photos of their little ones with their Roma Darcie Dolls Prams – it is such an exciting part of the job to see the final product that me and my team at Roma have designed – there is so much that goes into it and my whole team get involved in numerous decisions along the way – I love my job!

On these long journeys around China, I’m also finalising this years London Excel Baby Show which has come around really quickly – it’s in 6 week’s time. 2-4 March 2018. We love the Baby Shows for many reasons. It’s great to see our customers face to face. I personally like to hear what they say about our range as it’s so personal to us. I love to hear the feedback.  

It’s also a chance to meet up with the gorgeous Amy Childs. We have been in collaboration with Amy for the last year. The Roma team and Amy Childs designed the pink and cream AC Collection for her little girl Polly to ride around in style! Amy was on our stand for 3 hours helping us because we were so busy at the last show in Excel. Amy wanted to visit our stand to meet her fans and do a ‘guest appearance’ but because her prams were so popular, Amy ended up demonstrating her Amy Childs Collection for 3 hours! What a star. 

We are big Amy Childs fans and feel very privileged to be collaborating with such a down to earth, stunning celebrity with a huge heart. We love you Amy! See me with Amy below :)

We take Roma and Baby Birds to the Baby Shows so that we can offer special prices on iCandy, egg, Mutsy, Silver Cross, Maxi-Cosi and a few more leading brands. We price match, so it makes sense to offer as wide a selection as we can. Baby Birds offers 0% Finance over 6 months as well as the Baby Show Offers – that is always going to be popular.

So that wraps up my update for you. As I’ve said before, please contact us if you have any feedback on our designs – it does get passed on to myself and our design team.

Until then – thank you for all your support. I hope you enjoyed my blog. I can’t wait to reveal what our plans are for the next range…....

I’m over here working on it :0)


On a trip round China.

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