• Laura and Hallie recommend the Zazu nightlight

Laura and Hallie recommend the Zazu nightlight

Hi Baby Birds fans!

My name is Laura and I’ve worked for Baby Birds for a year. I am currently on maternity leave with my first baby called Hallie who was born on the 3rd of July. (She’s amazing!)

I’ve worked in store and also at Head Office when I could no longer lift heavy items (it’s difficult with a bump in the way!)

I love being a Mum and working at Baby Birds has given me so much insight into what a new mum needs and wants.

One of the first items I was recommended was Zoe the Penguin by Zazu - I love it!

It’s a nightlight, music box and wireless speaker all in one and plays the popular white noise, womb sounds and peaceful tunes.

The great feature Zoe has is Bluetooth so you can link it to your phone and play stories/songs from the Zazu playlists on Spotify.

There are some great playlists on there including Ocean Escapes, Rainforest and Nature noises.

The nightlight has 2 different settings and is just light enough so you can see baby in their crib but not too bright that it wakes them up.

The tunes last for 20 minutes then switch off, you can change the setting for it to go back on if baby cries. I found once Hallie was asleep for the night she didn’t tend to wake up for a few hours (sorry sleepy parents I promise I’m not rubbing it in! I’m just as tired as you!)

The volume can be adjusted and on the lowest sound I was still able to sleep with it next to my head - if anything it helped me sleep as well as Hallie!

I love that Zoe can be taken out of the home and attached to a buggy or car seat using the clip and the battery life is good if you’re going away for a few days.

She comes in 3 different colours and is charged using a USB cable which is included.

I hope you all love Zoe as much as Hallie does… and it helps you get a peaceful night’s sleep.


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