• Eva loves the egg®! Find out why...

Eva loves the egg®! Find out why...

My name is Eva, I started working at the Baby Birds store in Dorchester a couple of months ago.

I love working for such a caring, friendly and unique company. Baby Birds is viewed by the team as one big family, we all balance each other out with our advantages (and disadvantages!). Emma, the owner of the company, is in fact my Auntie and works along with her daughter Molly and mother Roma. We are an independent company who feel that customer service is key to a successful business. We try our very best to exceed customer service expectations by having such a friendly and understanding team.

As a team, we try and bring a personal touch when helping a customer, by providing our own opinions on products whilst understanding your requirements. In store we will go to any length to help and find something which is just perfect for you and your growing family.  We offer many different makes and models of prams and furniture to suit everyone’s unique tastes and needs.


The egg® pram is one of my favourite prams that we stock, for many reasons. The egg® stroller has been designed by BabyStyle, the people who made the Oyster, with the style conscious parent in mind. Luxurious soft touch fabrics compliment the smooth curves which makes the egg® one of the most stylish prams around.

The egg® is such a cleverly designed pram, intended to make everyone’s lives simple and using the pram easy.

The egg® comes with many features that cannot be compared to other brands.

One of the key features which stands out from all the others is its elegant chassis with the ability to turn into a double. The lightweight carry cot is suitable for overnight sleeping and stroller seat unit will last until your child is walking. With the addition of the tandem adaptor kit, the egg® will grow with your family into a tandem stroller.

Another amazing key feature is the unique fold of the pram. Within seconds it folds down with no fuss. Such a simple task, but with a job you need to do every single day, you will really need a pram that cuts out all the faff.

A feature I really like is the flip flop friendly brake. Click on, click off. No dirty shoes.

When buying the egg® you really do get your money’s worth with all its hidden extras such as:

  • Chassis – available in a variety of colours with tan, black or grey leatherette.
  • Coloured Seat Unit with hidden insect net
  • Apron with a foot cover to keep your little one snug
  • Raincover tailored to fit the carrycot and seat unit
  • Coloured Seat Liner in a choice of colours

With the egg®, I feel that it stands out from all the other prams purely because of its clever but simple ideas. The insect net is built into the pram underneath the stroller just so that it won’t get lost. Another smart feature is the hood, made from soft, luxury fabrics, the egg® hood has a silent and smooth fold to 3 adjustable positions.

The luxurious detail of the design shows how much time and effort has gone into the egg® to create the perfect pram. The comfy interior and luxurious fluffy seat liner is also lovely for these winter months, but is reversible to a cotton liner for the summer. 
The egg® is also compatible with all leading car seats including Maxi Cosi, BeSafe, Kiddy, Cybex and more using the egg® multi car seat adaptors or lower car seat adaptors in twin mode.

We have an egg® on our shop floor at Dorchester branch. Please pop in and see us for any further enquiries!

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