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Still loving my Dubatti One travel system! Here's why. . .

Hello again Baby Birds fans!

I’m going to tell you all about everyone’s favourite purchase when having a baby - the pram!

How did I choose this pram?

So as hard as it was to choose a pram, myself and my partner decided on the Dubatti One, it was relatively new to the UK market and this is what interested me first. When I first saw the photos, I thought it looked smart and classy and couldn’t wait for it to arrive!

How easy to assemble?

When it did arrive, it was even better in person and we couldn’t wait to put it together. When doing this, we found the instructions clear and it took us under an hour to completely build. The Dubatti is a travel system so we built the carrycot first, the beautiful fabrics zip easily onto a frame which is later used with the seat unit - this means less storage when baby grows out of the carrycot.

Suitable for overnight sleeping?

The carrycot is larger than a lot of other models and has a beautiful high quality padded mattress. It can be used as an overnight sleeper and we have used it many a time when visiting family and our baby slept peacefully in it.

Big or small wheels?

We chose to have the larger front wheels as we go on a lot of different all-terrain walks, they proved to be worth it as when pushing on these terrains our baby was still comfy with the interior suspension and it was easy to push. It has a great turning circle so even when pushing it around the shops it manoeuvres with ease and can be done with one hand.

How big is the pram when assembled?

When folded, the Dubatti is quite large and slightly weighty but I didn’t mind this because personally I prefer a nice pram to push, rather than a lightweight fold. It is still light enough to lift into the boot of a car and out again, which is normally all you do when folding a pram. The wheels can easily be popped off the make the fold smaller to fit into a smaller boot.

How long will I get to use the carrycot? 

We used the carrycot up to 7 months as our baby was still content with lying down and she still had room to grow! When we changed it into the seat unit it took about 10 minutes in total and was so simple to do. The fabrics zip off with ease, you zip the seat unit fabrics on, put the same hood and bumper bar from the carrycot onto the seat unit and your done! So simple!

How did I add the Cybex Aton car seat?

We used the Dubatti Maxi-Cosi car seat adapters to allow us to use our Cybex Aton car seat, this makes our lives so much easier when we are out and about! You don't have to use a Maxi-Cosi car seat with the Dubatti One, you can use BeSafe, Kiddy, Cybex and more. I do recommend you check with the manufacturers before choosing or fitting any car seat.

This is my list of top features:

  • The carrycot folds flat so it’s easy to put back into the box and can be stored in the smallest of spaces.
  • We have the coordinating foot muff and it’s easy to put on and is very snug for our little one.
  • The seat height is higher than a lot of models so when eating out, our baby can stay in her pram facing the table, perfect for picnics! The handle also pushes down low when world facing making it easier to walk past in a restaurant.
  • The seat unit can be parent or world facing, has 4 positions and is easily reclined with the buttons on either side of the seat unit.
  • The basket is smaller than others but this didn’t bother me as it easily fits what I need inside with a magnet closure to secure items.
  • The handle is lovely and soft and has little hooks on so it stops your bag from slipping down the chassis.
  • The Dubatti has a large range of fabrics, colours and chassis colours and you can choose your own colours to make your pram as unique as your baby.

Overall I would recommend this pram for its comfort, style and the beautiful way it glides when pushed.

If you have any questions or comments for either me or Hallie, don't hesitate to comment below and we will do our best to answer your questions!

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